Sunday, September 8, 2013

Same GREAT company just a NEW NAME!

I have avoided this blog post for some time because lets face it change is scary.  Now that summer has drawn to an end and my many hours of building a new user-friendly blogsite is coming to a close I am ready to share my exciting news.  My business currently known as Erickson Photoz will soon change to Chantal Erickson Photography.

Changing my business name has been a discussion on the table for quite some time but I wanted to clearly think it out before taking the big leap.  I know the question everyone will ask is WHY so I have decided to give you all a little insight to this business change.  I originally wanted my business name to be Chantal Erickson Photography but was worried because of its originality that my clients might not remember the name or spell it correctly.  This apprehension lead to me settling with Erickson Photoz and soon realizing my original fear became reality.   I have been told countless times from clients that they could not find my web site only to learn they were spelling it with an “S” rather than a “Z.”  I couldn’t help but wonder how many potential clients have moved onto the next photographer after not being able to locate my business information.        

Over the next several weeks Erickson Photoz will be transitioning to the new name Chantal Erickson Photography.  Please continue to follow my current Facebook page as it may take some time for Facebook administration to approve and make the final change.  I have worked very hard to build my client base and want nothing more than for it to continue to grow.  I truly believe this is a positive change and rest assured that despite a new name my products and services will remain top quality.  I want to thank you all for your continued support and hope you love the new face of Chantal Erickson Photography.  Please bookmark and follow my new blogsite at as this blog will soon deactivate.