Monday, April 30, 2012

Ryan {Richmond, TX-Senior Photography}

The school year is coming to an end and that means if you have not already done your Senior portraits you have officially hit crunch time!  Its funny because I have found I get more male High School Seniors the last few months of the school year than females.  Could this be an indication guys are not into the whole photo shoot like females are?  When I ask most of my guy Seniors they tell me "Im doing it for my mom."  I love this because they are so honest!

This next Senior was not thrilled to be the center of attention, but like all the others he knew the importance and was not going to let his mom down.  It did not take long for him to loosen up and we had a really great time.  I later heard from his mom that after the shoot he said he was glad she made him go.  I defiantly took that as a compliment ;)


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Parker {Richmond, TX-Family Photography}

I was excited about this shoot from the moment I was asked to do it.  Beverly aka MeMe, wanted memories with her only grandson Parker, the love of her life!  This touched my heart because I am extremely close to my grandmother and wished I would have had the opportunity to do something like this.  At ten years old Parker might not see the importance of this photo shoot, but as he gets older Im sure he will treasure these images as his MeMe is now.  

Just as I do with all my clients I asked for some information about Parker so I could tailor the shoot around his style and interest.   His meme told me he loves music and plays the keyboard and electric guitar.  She also added his favorite musicians were Bon Jovi and the Beatles.  After hearing that I could not wait to meet this young man!

Parker brought his electric guitar since it was a bit easier to commute than his keyboard and the fun began!  This young man and his MeMe had me laughing the majority of the session and I was over joyed to be the one to capture the memories those two shared that day.  These are the sessions that remind me of why I truly love what I do and how important my job is.  Parker is going to continue to grow older, but my hope is that every time his MeMe looks at these images she is reminded of that sweet ten year old boy and the laughter and memories they shared that day.