Newborn Session Details

When to book?
The sooner the better!  If you are currently pregnant, it is time to book!  Since your due date is an estimate of arrival, we book within 4-10 days and adjust accordingly.  If you know you are having a scheduled c-section we can book an exact date.  Communication is the key!  If your date is approaching and it looks like you might have an early arrival be sure to let me know.  Feel free to call or e-mail me while in the hospital so I know the baby has arrived, and we can secure the date for his/her photo debut!  It is highly important to photograph within 10 days of birth.  After this time frame newborns quickly outgrow their womb-like curl and deep sleep patterns as well as begin to develop baby acne and skin peeling.  I prefer days 5-9 when the baby is still very sleepy and moldable.  I schedule a limited number of newborns per month to ensure you get the highest quality of work so be sure to book early!
What should baby wear?
I love to photograph newborns just as GOD sent them into this world--in their birthday suit! I have a variety of props, hats, headbands and blankets for client use, but don’t hesitate to bring any items you would like to incorporate, and I will do my best to honor your request.  As for parents it is always a good idea to bring a solid black shirt and dress in layers, as it will be extremely warm in the studio!
 The day of the shoot
The key to a successful newborn shoot should include patience, warmth, a full tummy, ample light and did I mention PATIENCE!  Most likely baby will already be getting on a schedule.  This may have to be adjusted a bit with extra feedings so make sure you come prepared.  Once the baby has a full tummy they will usually fall into a deep sleep and this is when we get our best shots!  A typical newborn shoot usually last 3-4 hours because we want the baby in control.
*Before leaving the house loosen babies diaper to help diminish the creases and markings diapers leave on the skin
*Have baby well fed prior to the shoot and bring extra bottles for feeding breaks
*Bring a pacifier to help sooth baby to sleep
*Leave grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles at home.  It is essential to work in a quiet calm atmosphere and having too many  people in one room can jeopardize the outcome of the shoot. 
*Moms bring a book or magazine.  This is a great time for you to sit back and relax!   

Senior Style Guide
     on Getting “THE LOOK” you want

*Color photographs great!  Try and stay away from your solid white, as it tends to drown you out.  Get creative with a fun color and bold accessories!  Textures and layers really add dimension to a photograph as well.  Try to avoid patterns such as small plaids or really busy shirts.  
*Bring props and accessories that define you.  Examples: letter jacket, class ring, sports equipment/uniform, musical instrument, medals, sunglasses, hats, scarves, jewelry, hair accessories, funky belts, trendy shoes.  The more you bring the better.  I would rather not use something then have you wish you would have brought it!
*Come prepared!  Have different outfits categorized together with coordinating accessories and shoes.  You can group them together on hangers to prevent wrinkling.  Wrinkled clothes will show up on camera!  The faster you change the more looks you will be able to get in.
*Girls-make up should be slightly heavier than normal
*Guys- if you don’t want the 5:00 shadow to show make sure you shave the night before or morning of your shoot.
*Remember if you can see it the camera can too!  If you do not want the lime green nail polish in your picture make sure to remove it prior to the shoot.  If you have tan lines be sure to wear appropriate clothing to cover them fully.  If you happened to hang out with your cat or dog before you left the house a lint brush will be your best friend! 
*Parents are always welcome however if you can’t relax in front of the camera with mom & dad telling you how to smile it may be best they bring a book and just hang out.